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Keyboard for entering text and learning to read, write and spell in a first language and to learn a new language

(US patent application n US2014248590)

What I claim is: 
1. A method of learning to read and write English, the method comprising: 
presenting a story emphasizing a specific word on a device having a processor, a memory, and a touch-activated screen; 
receiving a response from a user when the specific word is highlighted in the story; displaying a letter configuration that includes the specific word; and 
manifesting a first phonic data item and a second phonic data item relating to a specific letter concurrently with displaying the letter configuration that corresponds to the word, the second phonics data item is one shape for the letter; and 
presenting the first phonics data item and the second phonics data item at the same time, such that the user is presented with no other data, thereby preventing confusion when learning to read and write the letter.